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Robinski & Partners is a consulting firm specialising in delivering support to clients facing complex business challenges, including devising strategic plans, negotiations, financings and re-financings, mergers, acquisitions and disposals.  Our wealth of experience spans a broad range of financial and business sectors, enabling us to offer complex and extensive services characterised by professionalism and exceptional efficiency.

Consulting services

Robinski & Partners, we empower our clients to achieve their strategic goals. Our approach leverages deep market insights and practical expertise to provide targeted advice and robust support. Our expertise encompasses a range of industrial sectors and financial solutions, including financing, refinancing, mergers, acquisitions, and disposals. Furthermore, our long-term experience in private equity enables us to support our clients in securing capital from a variety of providers for diverse  requirements.

Engagement Approach

Robinski & Partners boasts a rich history in strategic consulting for clients confronting unique and demanding situations. We provide a tailored initial analysis and a comprehensive support plan, specifically designed for management teams and business owners. Our methodology is focused on delivering customised, effective strategies that align with and achieve our clients’ specific needs and objectives.

We offer an initial analysis and support plan for management teams and business owners.

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